ROAD CONSTRUCTION PROJECT SCOPE STATEMENT Project Objectives: To construct a high-quality and much needed road that runs through the city of Rawalpindi in a period of 2 years and with a budget of 60 billion rupees. The project is very important for the people of Rawalpindi as it will reduce the traffic problems in the city and reduce travel time. Deliverables: A 70 km road, having multiple lanes and connecting various points of the city High quality streetlights spanning throughout the road to ensure a safe journey. 10 pedestrian overpasses to ensure pedestrian convenience. Routine cleaning of the road with the of road sweeper trucks. Traffic cameras on important signals along with 5 check posts to enforce compliance with traffic rules. A barrier spanning the entire road between opposing traffic to avoid accidents. Traffic signs and boards to assist drivers throughout their travel. Technical Requirements: The road must be built with highest quality material like asphalt concrete. Metal halide streetlights should be used to illuminate the streets. Barrier between opposing traffic should be at least 3 meters tall. The duration of closed signals should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes according to the location. Traffic signs must be made with internal illumination to ensure clear visibility at night. Milestones: Government approved the project – 7 th September Updated and final road map proposed – 14 th September Government sent the budget for project – 20 th September All contracts with suppliers of materials completed – 25 th September Project started – 18 th Limits and Exclusions: During the construction, nearby roads and areas may have to be closed which may cause public resentment and pressure to complete work faster. The fog issue can greatly increase safety concerns. Time allowed for construction of the road is only between 8 AM to 3 PM, which can delay the completion of the project. Maintenance of the road has to be done regularly which may prove costly. Customer Review: Funding will be provided by the Government furthermore Customer reviews will be provided by the travellers once the project finishes and Availability of travelling through the road begins. Required: Looking at the above scope statement for a road project, make a Responsibility Matrix. Note: For your understanding, I have shared an example as well.
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