Create a two-dimensional array of type double to contain the three different SD Marks (JD521, PRG521, and IP521) for six different students. A single array of type String must be used to store the student names (Maxwell, Carl, Gerhard, Paul, James, and Cena). Allow a user to enter in a number, ranging from 1 to 6, which will represent the student position in the table MCSD max and present the marks for each respecting module. The program can only stop when the user enter a number greater than 6. Printout the student name including the JD521, PRG521, and IP521 max, the total of marks and the average of all marks. Use a condition statement to decide that the student has passed or not (Pass rate is 70). Student name JD521 PRG521 IPG521 Maxwell 80 65 70 Carl 95 70 65 Gerhard 87 80 73 Paul 65 45 60 James 45 87 65
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