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Download, complete and upload the attached DOC or PDF version of the Where Was That Made? assignment.

Where Was That Made (.pdf)Preview the document
Where Was That Made (.doc)Preview the document
Instructions: Fill in the chart by determining the country of origin of the products you purchase. If there is a category that does not apply to you or your family (such as auto or toys), then you may substitute some other category that does reflect your actual purchasing habits.

(Each response should be 250 words

What does the chart tell you about the things you buy?
Given your purchasing patterns, to what extent do you think that you are a beneficiary of free trade?
How would you feel if efforts to protect other economic actors (that is, efforts to restrict trade) resulted in either an increase in the price of the goods you purchase or their disappearance from the market? That is, do you feel that trade benefits you so much that trade restrictions would be intolerable?

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