Make a concept map that includes all of the terms below, and include illustrations of the central concepts. Draw arrows connecting the concepts as appropriate, and label the arrows to indicate the relationship between those concepts. Typically, nouns will be the nodes of the map. Verbs and connecting ideas should be written on the connecting arrows. Illustrations of the central phenomena (replication, transcription, translation) are mandatory, and you must develop your own pictures. You can draw them by hand or use a computer illustrating program to draw, but you may not screenshot images from the internet. DNA RNA protein replicates transcribes translates DNA Polymerase RNA Polymerase Sigma factor dNTP rNTP ribosome supercoiling gyrase origin of replication / OriC aminocoumarins gene operon promoter operator ORF (open reading frame) lacZ lacI lactose glucose Beta-galactosidase LacI 30S 50S 70S mRNA tRNA rRNA aminoglycoside macrolide chloramphenicol rifampin RBS (ribosome binding site) genetic code codon anticodon start codon stop codon amino acid tRNA synthetase
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