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Project Performance Evaluation Tool
Project Performance Evaluation Tool Evaluation Tool(s)Develop a tool or tools to evaluate your Health Promotion Project using the RSA Evaluation Model found on pages 545-553 in your textbook.The tool(s) should evaluate at least 2 of the types of evaluation from the model (process, content, outcome, and/or impact). This “tool” will likely have multiple parts. There may be one part that resembles a course evaluation that is completed complete after each on-line course, and there may be other parts that evaluate whether the objectives were met (a post test or return demonstration checklist, for example). The tool should include/list your behavioral objectives (maybe in your course evaluation) and havemethod to measure each of them for each participant (post test, return demonstration, etc…)The type of evaluation method(s) that you choose touse will depend entirely on the measurable objectives you created for the project. These tools are generally given to the participants to complete unless the target audience cannot (ie. too young), then you may have a summary form that you complete,or if you are using interview/question/answer as an evaluation method, you may be filling out the form for the participants, as well, but be sure you are measuring each participant individually in some way. If the target audience is too young to complete a course evaluation, it can be developed for adult observers of the program, such as their teacher, coach, or leader. The tool should be sure toinclude the basic parts of all evaluation tools. Common basic parts include, but are not limited to: Title and date of your program, speakers name (your name), an assessment of speaker quality, an assessment of program quality, attendee assessment of whether each objective was met or not met, and recommendations for improvement of the program (some of these apply to the RSA model evaluation).Basic parts may vary depending on target audience and methods used to present the program.Likert scales (rating scales from 1-5) are commonly used. The attendee assessment of whether the objectives are met and the inclusion of the objectives in the evaluation is commonly met simultaneously by asking the participants to rate how strongly they agree that the following objectives of the program were met,… and then list each complete 4 part objective under it with a Likert scale next to it, such as strongly agree- 5 to strongly disagree- 1. This is worth 25 points.

RSA Evaluation Model Criteria

Points Possible

Points Achieved

Evaluation tool addresses at least 2 evaluation types per RSA Evaluation Model


Evaluation tool includes behavioral objectives, is individually measurable (per participant), and uses appropriate methods to assess each objective


Evaluation tool includes common basic parts of evaluation tools


Evaluation tool is professional looking and well written




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