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alt=”medi… Show more “http://media.cheggcdn.com/media/7a9/7a9ea941-150f-4e86-a867-0c44f3fb8638/phpvUNKzU.png” alt=”media/7a9/7a9ea941-150f-4e86-a867-0c” /> The government of Nepal must decide what to do, if anything, to lower the annual number of deaths of children less than five years old due to waterborne diseases. They have tentatively agreed to investigate three alternatives: Alternative A – Do Nothing, or Alternative B -Begin a vaccination campaign, or Alternative C – Develop clean water and sanitation infrastructure (I must create a decision tree along with this if anyone has any idea) “http://media.cheggcdn.com/media/459/45980f62-e0d3-4d19-82dc-5cb1e0cac38e/phpPlyYsK.png” alt=”media/459/45980f62-e0d3-4d19-82dc-5c” /> • Show less

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